Howard & Roz Larman



Howard eloquently broadcasted to us for 37 years. Howard passed away in 2007, and though he is with us in every broadcast, through our recordings and all of our future broadcasts, we will miss him dearly. We are forever thankful for everyone’s well wishes and loving support extended toward us the Larman family, and FolkScene. Now with me, Roz at the helm, we’re onto many fabulous future seasons of FolkScene.

My aim is to continue the tradition that Howard started on February 3, 1970, our very first broadcast.  At times it seems so overwhelming without Howard at my side, but his presence is always there.

With the loving support from FolkScene’s listeners, the phone calls on Sunday evenings, the email messages, all this keeps me going.

I can’t forget the support of my son Allen and his wife Kat.  They are always there to help me.  Peter Cutler has been a vital part of the program.  Peter does some of the duties that Howard use to do, like editing, and preparing the programs for broadcasts to the other stations that feature FolkScene.  Also a thank you to KPFK radio in Los Angeles for giving us a home for the last 43 years.

We have established a tradition on FolkScene each Sunday evening when the program ends we remember to say “Goodnight Howard. To that we add we love you, and miss you.”