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  • Amita Khepri


  • Patrick Kennedy

    I remember meeting Howard & Rozelle outside McCabe when Stan Rogers performed. Would love to hear you again in the Portland, OR area. Remember when Jennifer Warners performed Ding Don Howdy and Sparrow on an early Folks energy long before Officer and a Gentleman made her famous? I taped many of the early years (with dialogue) and love to listen to them now. Nice to see this website.

  • Jerry Donohue

    Looking forward to your return next week. You keep live music going in LA. Thanks, Jerry

  • Don Finer

    Probably sometime in 1980/81 you folks had a guitarist/singer on your program who sang “long Black Veil; Tennessee Stud; The Dancer” and a couple of more songs. His renditions were outstanding and for the life of me I cannot remember his name. Just taking a chance you folks might remember him….and possibly whatever became of him, and his career? His guitar playing was simply terrific and he needed no backup (bass, fiddle, banjo) or anything else to bring it altogether. Just wondering……..

  • Nancy Brown

    who were the guests last night, November 30th?

  • Ellie Velasquez

    My husband & I where headed home from a family gathering, while changing stations came across yours. We enjoyed the music so much & want to know who are the guest artists singing, it was a male & female. You had them on tonight November 16th, between 7:30pm-8pm, please.

    Thank You,

  • Dan

    When I was a teenager growing up around Kansas City, I remember listening in about 1964 to what I believe was a Sunday night (possibly Saturday) “five most requested folk songs of the week” radio program. It was where I listened to the best (at that time) folk music of the day, e.g., where I was first exposed to a lot of Tom Paxton’s and Judy Collins’s work. I don’t believe the radio program was Chicago’s “Midnight Special” radio program, which I couldn’t get over radio out near KS.

    Was it a radio weekly radio program broadcast on WLS (Chicago), some program out of KC, etc.? Does anyone remember such a radio show from the early-mid-60s?

  • Roz, contact me for comps to Hard Travelin’ with Woody, my multimedia show with the music and artworks of Woody Guthrie playing at Hollywood Fringe! See more at

  • Jim

    Please list broadcast dates next to the upcoming guests at

  • Daniel

    Why wasn’t FolkScene on the air on Sunday, May 18th?

  • Even though this is my website, I just need to comment. Katherine our webmaster is amazing. She is keeping up the site, and each day it looks more incredible.
    We love you Katherine you are a remarkable and talented individual.
    Roz & The FolkScene gang.

  • Paco Sanchez

    Hi I was listening to kpfk yesterday Sunday july 21 and I happens to run across the show folk scene. I really enjoyed it I was wondering if you can tell me who was the artist that was the guest of the show. Thank you. Paco

  • Peter Cutler

    Thanks, Heather. We love it!

  • Thank you Catherine Hazard for a wonderful website. It reflects exactly what our commitment is to the music. You are the best Roz.

  • Heather Pierce

    Congratulations on the wonderful new website! I look forward to returning again and again…

  • Peter Cutler

    We are so proud of our new website! Thank you, Catherine Hazard for making it possible!

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